AMP20 Lithium Ion Prismatic Cell (Carton of 20 cells)

Nanophosphate® AMP20M1HD-A: 
A123's AMP20 prismatic pouch cell is built to deliver high energy and power density combined. The AMP20 prismatic cell demonstrates industry-leading abuse tolerance coupled with excellent life performance under the most rigorous duty cycles. The AMP20 delivers high usable energy over a wide state of charge (SOC) range to minimize pack oversizing and offer very low cost per watt-hour.

Prismatic Cell Primary Applications:
  • Passenger and commercial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
  • Passenger and commercial battery electric vehicles (BEVs)
  • Mild and micro hybrid vehicles
  • Long-Duration (LD) grid energy storage systems
Prismatic Cell Benefits:
  • Power: Over 2,400 W/kg and 4,500 W/L
  • Safety: Excellent abuse tolerance and environmentally friendly
  • Life: Excellent calendar and cycle life
Prismatic Cell Specifications:
  • Nominal voltage: 3.3V
  • Nominal capacity: 20Ah
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  ANR26650 Lithium Ion Cylindrical Cell

Nanophosphate® ANR26650M1-B: 
The ANR26650M1-B is the next generation of A123 Systems’ pioneering 26650 cylindrical cell, now with greater power and energy density and lower impedance. This versatile lithium ion cell is suitable for a wide variety of applications and system designs. Proven performance in the toughest conditions, combining durability, reliability, and safety, the ANR26650 cell offers an excellent combination of price-performance.

Cylindrical Cell Primary Applications:
  • Portable high power devices
  • Stationary battery backup systems
  • Grid stabilization energy storage systems
  • Commercial truck and bus hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)
Lithium Ion Cell Benefits:
  • Power: Over 2,600 W/kg and 5,800 W/L
  • Safety: Excellent abuse tolerance and environmentally friendly
  • Life: Excellent calendar life, 10X cycle life vs. conventional lithium ion
Cylindrical Cell Specifications:
  • Nominal voltage: 3.3V
  • Nominal capacity: 2.5Ah
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